Growing Devs

Sep 09, 2013

Welcome to Growing Devs

by Tony Pitale

Welcome to Growing Devs. This is a blog for a group of devs to share their experiences – through writing and through code – in growing software, themselves, and other developers. Or, just to write about any nerdy thing we want to write about.

The group is fluid. Some devs will write only once, and we hope that new devs will join and write. All editorial review and publishing is handled through GitHub pull requests.

This is an experiment for us. But we think it has merit. In particular, we think this format has the benefits of:

You can follow our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter @growingdevs, or we would love for you to contribute.

The site is open source under the MIT license, all content is copyright of the original authors and not of Growing Devs (which is not really an organization of any kind anyway).

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to sharing some new and wonderful content in this experiment of ours!

And again, if you would like to contribute a blog post you’ve had in the back of your head for days or months, please feel encouraged to send us a pull request.