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Growing Devs is a shared space for a group of developers who wish to write about their work without the isolation that comes with a solo blog, or the constraints of writing only for the company you work for. Here you'll find content about the technology, techniques, and process the authors are using.

Jul 05, 2014

Battling Complexity in Ruby

by Coraline Ada Ehmke

Refactoring code without determining metrics and success criteria in advance can be a recipe for disaster. Fukuzatsu is a new code analysis tool that can guide and measure the success of your refactoring efforts.

  • ["ruby,", "refactoring"]
May 22, 2014

Building a Conference From Scratch

by Jeremy Carbaugh

Hosting your own conference provides the opportunity to create fun projects from scratch. Over the years of running TransparencyCamp, we've created a lot of great software at the Sunlight Foundation, but we've also duplicated a lot of existing work.

  • ["python,", "ios,", "diy"]